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Inspirational Women Trivia Game

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Celebrate the achievements of remarkable women with the Inspirational Women Trivia Game from Ridley's Games! 

Step into a world of inspiration and empowerment with this captivating trivia set featuring 80 question cards highlighting the incredible accomplishments of fantastic females from around the world.  The trivia set features 80 question cards featuring fantastic females from around the world, like 'In which year did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus?'  Each card offers a glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

Curated by the Ridley's Games's team, the icons included in this quiz represent a diverse range of talents and achievements, showcasing the contributions of women throughout history and across various fields. 

Featuring beautiful illustrations and housed in a sturdy 2-piece box, this trivia game is not only an entertaining way to learn about inspiring women but also the perfect gift for any brilliant woman in your life. 

Join the celebration of female empowerment and inspire future generations with the Inspirational Women Trivia Game!