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Pink Orchid Suction Cup Vase

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Modgy Suction Cup Vases start out flat and expand with water. With the added advantage of a suction cup, Modgy expandable and collapsible vases will adhere to any clean and flat surface in your home, office, hotel, car, RV or any other place you can think of. Think of a plain window in your bedroom, a lifeless file cabinet in your office, an unattractive mirror in your living room or an old tiled wall in your kitchen. The vibrant designs and attractive colors are sure to make any space worth looking at twice. Add in a few floral stems or cuttings from your garden to add to the aura.

Dimensions: 7.5x4
Materials: BPA Free Plastic
Included: 1 Suction Cup Vase

  • Did you know…?    

    • Orchids are one of the oldest family of flowering plants dating back over a million years.

    • There are more than 25,000 different species of orchids

    • They come in every color imaginable, except black

    • Orchids take 5-7 years to bloom, so the plants purchased in stores are already more than a decade old. 

    • The vanilla bean comes from a species of orchid.

    • Orchids can live up to 100 years!

    Orchids symbolize pure love, beauty and luxury. Often found in spas and salons, their graceful blooms act as a natural stress reliever. We hope our beautiful orchid vase will add a calming note to your environment.