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Pourri - Fresh Air Car Spray

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Jasmine + Fresh Air + Pear Car Spray 1.4oz

Eliminated the funk, don't mask it!  Car-Pourri refreshes any stinky surface in your car.  Like, for real!  Proprietary natural Funk Lock™ Technology neutralizes odor molecules so they never reach your nose.  Car-Pourri eliminates odor entirely and leaves your ride smelling better than you found it - guaranteed.  Simply spritz 3-5 sprays on any stinky surface in your car or in the air.

Eliminates 99% of toughest odors within 60 seconds. (even cigarette smoke)

Odor doesn't come back until you make a big stink again!

Works on floor mats, seats or carpet.  

*Do not use on leather, suede, or silk fabrics that may water spot.