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Benjamin Harrison

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Interior: Iceberg - Nicknamed the "Human Iceberg"

Benjamin Harrison Curriculum Vitae

Presidential Number: 23rd

Years President: 1889 - 1893

Party Affiliation: Republican

Main Contender: Grover Cleveland

State Represented: Indiana

Birthday: August 20, 1833

Place of Birth: North Bend, Ohio

Higher Education: Miami University (Ohio)

Prior Occupations: soldier, lawyer, senator

Nickname: Kid Gloves Harrison, Little Ben, Front Porch Campaigner, Human Iceberg, Centennial President

Height: 5’ 6”

Favorite Food: Blue-Point Oysters

Hobbies: hunting, fishing, reading, billiards

Pets: Dash, a collie; Old Whiskers, a billy goat; Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection, two opossums

Legacy: Under Harrison, the federal budget grew massively. He oversaw the first peacetime budget to exceed $1 billion. Funds went toward improving the navy and harbors and toward forest and wildlife conservation. During his presidency, six states were added: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming. The Sherman Antitrust Act passed, marking the first time the federal government moved to limit the power of corporations. Harrison was an early civil rights advocate and endorsed bills that tried to prevent southern states from keeping African Americans from voting. His efforts failed but laid the groundwork for the future.

Trivia: The only grandson of a president (William Henry Harrison) to serve as president; first president to use electricity in White House; last Civil War general to serve as president; first president known to have his voice preserved (a 36 second speech was recorded on a wax phonograph cylinder); lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote; last president to wear a beard.