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Soap for I Want My Mom - Limited Edition!

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🛁 Soap for I Want My Mom - Limited Edition 🍪

"Smells like I don't care if I'm an adult. I. Want. My. Mom."

Our Soap for I Want My Mom is like a hug in a bar of soap. You know those days when you just need your mom? Yeah, this soap gets it. With the comforting scent of Security Blanket, it's like Mom's homemade cookies and warm hugs all rolled into one. Because let's face it, sometimes being an adult means admitting you still want your mom. Perfect for those days when you just need a little extra TLC, and a great gift idea for Mother's Day!


  • Fragrance: Security Blanket (think warmth, comfort, and homemade cookies)
  • Size: 6 oz
  • Handcrafted with love and nostalgia in the USA
  • Because let's be real, Mom makes everything better

Instructions for Use: Lather up and let that Security Blanket scent transport you back to Mom's kitchen, where everything is warm and cozy. Oh, and keep it away from your eyes, trust me on that one.

Soap for I Want My Mom

Smells like I Don't Care if I'm an Adult

I. Want. My. Mom.