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Velvet Pumpkins

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Y'all, I KNOW it's still July. Really. I know it's still Summer...but... I just couldn't resist when I found these gorgeous velvet punkins!  Each one handmade by a woman owned small business in Wisconsin, I seriously want to keep them ALL...  Now you may return to your regularly scheduled Summer. 😁

Handmade velvet pumpkins add sophistication to any home. The stem is resin, realistic, and very durable.

The Small velvet pumpkin measures approximately 5" wide x 3" tall, PLUS the 3.25" tall stem.

Each large pumpkin measures approximately 6.25" wide x 3.25" tall, PLUS the 4.37" tall stem.

Fabrics: Velvet Pumpkins come in a rainbow of stunning solid colors in soft stretch velvet.