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Warmies Hugs - Elephants

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Warmies® Hugs are the newest addition to the family of Warmies®. This super cute duo of heatable characters are gently scented with French lavender and provide the same warmth and aromatic comfort. Their arms wrap around each other and attach with Velcro making them perfect for mixing and matching to other Warmies® Hugs characters. You can also attach them anywhere and bring them with you on the go. TWO cute not to LOVE. Warmies® are suitable for all ages.

Warmies are the cutest FUNctional balls of fluff you need in your life.  Perfect for kids of every age!  Not only are they made of the softest fluff that ever fluffed, but they are called Warmies for a reason.  The filling consists of microwave safe polyfill with natural flaxseed grains & dried French lavender, meticulously designed using microwave safe, flame resistant fabric. 

Pop your Warmie in the microwave for 30 seconds and your cuddly companions will release a soothing lavender aroma and should stay warm for at least one hour if heated correctly, longer if it is snuggled in a cozy bed!  Or, place your heatable product inside a plastic sealable bag and leave it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. You can then use it as a cold pack to relieve aches and pains or to cool a hot child. 

Use your Warmie as a snuggle buddy, on injuries, as a heating pad (that you don't have to worry about falling asleep with!), or to cool off on a hot day.  With the weight of the flax seed and lavender, they're squishable and huggable, and have even been used in place of a weighted blanket!

Can be surfaced cleaned with a damp sponge

Approximate size: 7" tall

Suitable for all ages

All heatable products have been tested to ASTM f963-11, EN71-1/2/3, BS8433, and European CE standards. All products have been rigorously flammability and safety tested, and fully comply with CPSIA legislation. Each heatable product is manufactured with extra strong seams, using microwave safe thread and fabrics.