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Witching Time

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Artist: Peter Calvesbert

Collection Name: Special Editions

Subset Name: Event Piece

Made In: England

Status: Event

Carving Date: 2002

Release Date: 7/22/2002

In Store Date: 10/1/2002

Edition Size: 4000

Dimensions (Inches): 2.8 x 1.25 x 3.75

Secrets: "Witching Time" is available only at Frightfest events, to be held at select retailers the weekend of October 25 - 27, 2002. A frightful witch takes a nighttime broomstick ride with her companion cat, an owl, and a coterie of bats. There are several variations: 3000 (worldwide) have no interior carving and the standard coloration (shown here). 400 (worldwide) have no interior carving and are vividly colored. 600 (worldwide) have an interior carving and the standard coloration. Of these, the 525 pieces released in the US feature a book of spells and a toad on the interior. The 75 pieces released outside the Americas show a newt and pumpkin on the inside. Just 1 special piece is embedded with gemstones. "Witching Time" is shrink-wrapped so the surprise of discovery is all yours!