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Magnetic Personalities - So much fun, right at your fingertips!

Posted by Jules Happy Rone on

Early January as I was starting the search for new product lines I came across a company called Unemployed Philosophers Guild.  Right away, they had my attention as I thought that was a fabulous name for a company.  I flipped through the catalog, thinking that while I thought so much of their stuff was absolutely adorable, it wasn't really the right fit for Jules.  Then, I turned the page and that all changed.
It was love at first sight.
They're finger puppets of famous people with magnets in their heads.
They are just as amazing as they sound!
I immediately placed an order and waited anxiously for my shipment, showing the pictures to all of my friends who fell in love and couldn't wait to see them either.
The day the first shipment arrived I opened the boxes, took one look inside, squealed, and then ran next door to grab the lady who works there to come see, come see!  She and I then spent the next 20 minutes unpacking, playing with, and talking to the finger puppets.
(That sounds totally normal, right?)  
Everyone who sees them falls in love, I even took a bag of them home with me during our 42" blizzard to make videos and memes with.  Freud was of great help getting through ...
The next door neighbor got them for party favors at her most recent dinner party, so the entire table reportedly spend the evening playing with them.  My best friend is currently working on a production of Kiss Me Kate, so when "Brushing Up her Shakespeare" she has Shakespeare himself to help!
These are educational, adorable, and overall, such a great find.  And ... well ... with the addition of a white board to the display, it's become an outlet on silly days.  (You may be surprised to hear I have those frequently!)
If you're on facebook or instagram, please come and follow us, I post finger puppet fun on a regular basis and have started getting other pictures from other new finger puppet fanatics.  *hint, hint*  And, please go check out this marvelous collection, they make a great gift, a great conversation starter, a great finger warmer, and, great drinking buddies!  ;)  Go on, go take a look.  You know you wanna!