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23 Jul '16

Oy! - a post about politics

So anyone who knows me will tell you, Jules is NOT a fan of politics.  I don't enjoy hearing about politics or talking about politics and I have no desire to listen to people make speeches about how great they are.  I also think that conversations about politics have no place in my store.  I sell things to make you smile, to make you laugh, to make you forget about the real world, if only for a few minutes.  (Don't even get me started on the guy in here yesterday who saw How to Speak Klingon and somehow started in on a diatribe about how "all the minorities want rights now."  It's a Star Trek book dude, relax!)
That said, some of the companies I carry have some hilarious products for the election coming up.
there's something for just about anyone.
Please take these products in the manner in which they were intended.  To make you laugh, maybe roll your eyes or maybe groan a little.  Please do not take offense or think this means I endorse any candidate, and certainly please don't think this in any way means I want to discuss politics.

Because anyone who knows me will tell you, Jules is NOT a fan of politics!
01 Apr '16

New Soap, New Fairy Doors, New Finger Puppets, Oh Boy!

It's always an adventure around here, and it's always fun when I find a new product line.  This week we got TWO new lines in (and a few other new goodies) and I can't wait to share with all of my awesome customers!

First of all, I get asked all the time about soap and now I finally have a fantastic new line of soap called Foam Sweet Foam!  Need to get obsessively clean? Freud's Wash Fulfillment Soap is for you. Looking to wash away the superficial? Andy's 15 Minutes of Foam! Pure cosmic purposelessness? Nihilism Soap. There's Nothing. Like it. These Foam Sweet Foam soaps are adorable, hysterical, and they smell FABULOUS!  At only $3 each they make a great add on gift or addition to your guest room.  What else could we expect from the fabulous Unemployed Philosopher's Club?

Second, another new line I've absolutely fallen in love with!  Do you have fairies living in your house?  Do they need a home of their own?  Come find their door, made by the enchanting Irish Fairy Door Company!  Choose the color and design of the door, then leave the key out overnight for your fairy to find.  In the morning the key will be gone and you'll know that your fairy has moved in!  Leave out Garden and Playtime accessories for them to play with and your fairy may even leave you a note!  

Last but not least in the new items this week, new Magnetic Personalities!  Batman, Superman, WonderWoman, Jesus, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol, they make for great new options to enter our PuppetMe contest!  https://www.facebook.com/events/154280981630144/

Yay to all the new goodies, I really hope you all enjoy as much as I do.  

Now off to play ...  (No foolin!)


21 Mar '16

PuppetMe Contest!

Like to win stuff? Want to travel or dine with someone famous? Wondering what these two things have to do with each other? Well, I'm about to tell you, stop being so impatient! ;)

This weekend is the start of our Puppet Me contest. To enter, choose your favorite Magnetic Personality. http://www.julesenchantinggifts.com/collections/magnetic-personalities Then, tell us why or where you'd like to take the puppet. Write a sentence, write a story! Are you planning a road trip and could use Elvis to help navigate? Are you planning a heist and need to run everything by Sherlock Holmes first? All submissions - either via e-mail (orders@julesenchantinggifts.com) or through facebook - must be received by April 18th. Then comes the fun part. All submissions will be posted on facebook for all to see. One like = one vote. The top 5 people with the most votes at midnight on May 13th will win the finger puppet they chose. The one person with the most votes will also win a $40 Jules Gift Certificate! *We'll ship the finger puppets to you for free if you win if you're inside the US* (Please remember that these entries will be public so nothing dirty - this is a family store!)

Have you met the Magnetic Personality Finger Puppets yet? Sure, they're absolutely great for kids and to teach them about famous and interesting people. They're also great for adults ... or at least all the adults I know! Presidents, artists, authors, scientists, there's a Magnetic Personality for every personality. Great for teaching, for kids, for when your fingers are cold and lonely, or, for when you don't want to drink alone. I have a friend who selected one for each attendee of a dinner party she was hosting. Shakespeare has helped a local theater learn Kiss Me, Kate. Someone else recently took Marilyn Monroe to Switzerland!

You never know where the Magnetic Personalities will wind up next, make sure you follow us on facebook and instagram to follow their journey!

More details can be found on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/154280981630144/

14 Feb '16

Magnetic Personalities - So much fun, right at your fingertips!

Early January as I was starting the search for new product lines I came across a company called Unemployed Philosophers Guild.  Right away, they had my attention as I thought that was a fabulous name for a company.  I flipped through the catalog, thinking that while I thought so much of their stuff was absolutely adorable, it wasn't really the right fit for Jules.  Then, I turned the page and that all changed.
It was love at first sight.
They're finger puppets of famous people with magnets in their heads.
They are just as amazing as they sound!
I immediately placed an order and waited anxiously for my shipment, showing the pictures to all of my friends who fell in love and couldn't wait to see them either.
The day the first shipment arrived I opened the boxes, took one look inside, squealed, and then ran next door to grab the lady who works there to come see, come see!  She and I then spent the next 20 minutes unpacking, playing with, and talking to the finger puppets.
(That sounds totally normal, right?)  
Everyone who sees them falls in love, I even took a bag of them home with me during our 42" blizzard to make videos and memes with.  Freud was of great help getting through ...
The next door neighbor got them for party favors at her most recent dinner party, so the entire table reportedly spend the evening playing with them.  My best friend is currently working on a production of Kiss Me Kate, so when "Brushing Up her Shakespeare" she has Shakespeare himself to help!
These are educational, adorable, and overall, such a great find.  And ... well ... with the addition of a white board to the display, it's become an outlet on silly days.  (You may be surprised to hear I have those frequently!)
If you're on facebook or instagram, please come and follow us, I post finger puppet fun on a regular basis and have started getting other pictures from other new finger puppet fanatics.  *hint, hint*  And, please go check out this marvelous collection, they make a great gift, a great conversation starter, a great finger warmer, and, great drinking buddies!  ;)  Go on, go take a look.  You know you wanna!